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Virtual Meetings - Resources / Recommendations

LRC Manager
This page provides recommendations for all Students, Faculty & Staff on how to meet virtually - in a class setting & also for study groups / other individual interactions.

I can provide advice for anyone wishing to utilize these frameworks. The best contact method is via email (I am working from home but am online answering all requests quickly from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM daily) - - good luck to all, stay safe, stay well, stay connected. (See: Zoom w/Librarian for live chats.)

Virtual Meetings - Services & Scheduling

Notes: All services listed function on multiple platforms; SmartPhones, iPads, PC's & support software is different for each
How to activate: Visit the vendor website to acquire the software and follow all instructions provided so it works on your device
Security Note: Each of these services can be open to hacking, please review all security settings prior to activation for best results

Facetime - - - Website
Comment: Excellent for small group meetings, version used on Facebook is very easy to use via smartphone but keeping group limited to 4 is best (have tested this with friends who live on East Coast, NYC, Syracuse & Philadelphia at same time) - free service, good for chatting directly with video.
Skype - - -Website
Comment: Free & Pay versions available. Excellent for classroom setting (up to 50, time limit at 100 hours/month and no "individual meeting time limit" - pay version required if over 100 hours/month is needed. Recommended for classroom lecture delivery and operated via laptop / PC w/audio-video capability.*
Zoom - - - Website
Comment: Excellent for meetings large & small; like Skype but free version only allows 40 minute meetings before automatic log-off. Many classroom tools like screen-share and can accommodate up to 50 (free) but pay version allow up to 100 and no meeting time limits

Time Planning
If you are planning a meeting and it is not local, consult these services. You can plan meetings across the USA & even world-wide
Time & (Many Time Tools)
Universal Time (USA & World)
World Clock (International Cities)