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General Instructions for effectively using this website

  • Academic Help contact: AcademicSupport@edaff.com
  • HR / Payroll issues contact: DSN_HR_Payroll@edaff.com
  • Technical Help contact: DSNhelp@edaff.com or SNHelp@mydsn.org
  • This website has been created to enhance the learning experience for all students and faculty at the Denver College of Nursing
    The best method for using this site is to find the "Course Resource Page" for the specific course you are taking or teaching
    Guidance to specific electronic & physical resources can be found on each web page

    Advice for site users (by group)

    To best support your studies you should do the following:
  • Find the Denver College of Nursing Welcome Page ( http://mydsn.org )
  • Create a shortcut directly to this page on your computer
  • You will now always be able to go directly to the gateway for web services - Virtual Library, E-Mail & Grades/Attendance Records

    Go to the "Course Resource Pages" frequently. They are the best starting point for all of your information needs.

  • Faculty:
    As a Denver School of Nursing Faculty member a "Faculty Information Page" has been created for you. On this page all the courses you teach as well as the courses you are qualified to teach are listed. These are hyperlinks that go directly to each course so you may see what resources currently exist that will enhance / supplement your teaching. If you want to add any additional resources, please let the librarian/webmaster know.

    It is recommended that you mark your personal information page on your home computer so you can easily access library support materials.

    The best tools available for you are on the library homepage ( http://mydsn.org/libpg1.htm )
  • Using the "Faculty Directory" you can immediately check faculty member status, credentials, and teaching activity
  • Using the "Program Areas" you may check what library resources exist for any department and all courses in that dept.
  • Using the "Library Holdings - Collection" you may check subscription database availablity and current library holdings
  • Click on the "View My Stats" link next to the page counter and you may review how the library website is being utilized

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1) I'm on the library website and need to check my e-mail and grade/attendance records before getting back to my studies. How do I get there?
  • From wherever you are, click on the "Home" button at the top of the page. When back on the home page, use the mydsn.org - Home Page button to get to the links you require. After checking e-mail and SnapGrades (which open as new windows when accessed) you can return to the library using the DSN Library button.
  • 2) My instructor informed me that he/she has placed reference materials on the library web site. How do I find them?
  • All instructor documents, PowerPoints and other material on file with the library are located from the Bibliography button (located just above the Best Sections to Use in Any Library table) and will be found here. Go to the specific course resource page you need and click on the Bibliography button. Bibliographies can only be accessed from the specific course resource page they are associated with.
  • 3) I want to take a study break and use the library lounge. How do I get there?
  • The link to the Library Lounge can only be found from the library home page. From wherever you are, click on the "home" button then go to the lounge.
  • 4) Can I check social networks like "Facebook" in the library?
  • Facebook, Linked-In and other social networks can be accessed from the Library Lounge. Getting to them is contingent upon the computer you are using as some networks forbid access to social network sites.
  • 5) Can I check my personal e-mail account from the library web site?
  • In the Library Lounge there are links to several common services: G-Mail, Hotmail, etc. A new window will open when accessing these services.
  • 6) What does mean?
  • DNP = DO NOT PRINT and this button goes to the policy statement about violating this rule
  • 7) What do and buttons mean?
  • - next to an article or book title means the full text is directly available and the link goes to a URL
  • - next to an article means you must use a database to access the full text; next to a book, only a review or partial text is directly available
  • 8) I can't access my "mydsn.org" e-mail account from home. What is the problem?
  • A recent test revealed that certain home computers have a firewall that blocks the e-mail gateway. To correct this, please do the following:
  • Go to "Control Panel"
  • Click on "Windows Firewall" (when open will allow you to change confirguration)
  • Click on "Exceptions" tab, then "Add Port"
  • for "Name" type in the school initials (dsn), for "Port Number" enter "2095"
  • Click "OK" when done and your mydsn e-mail should now open
  • 9) I can't access the password protected pages on the site, the "enter password" option never shows up. What do I do?
  • The "http://mydsn.org" website MUST be entered as a "Trusted Site" so the javascript will work
    Here are the steps to take:
    1) Go to control panel
    2) find & select internet options
    3) click on "security" (2nd tab)
    4) select "trusted sites"
    5) add http://mydsn.org and make sure "authenticated server box" (below) is NOT checked (this way you can add regular sites)
    6) when site has moved to lower box (added correctly), close all things & try access again...
  • 10) *
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