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Dr. Cathy Maxwell


Contact Information
303-292-0015, Ext. 3626
or 720-833-3908
Brief Biography:
Dr. Maxwell has worked in higher education for over 20 years. She has served as an instructor, career services director, academy director, executive dean, vice president and vice chancellor. She has been involved in numerous professional committees and activities including the statewide student retention and success council and the assessment committee. She has presented at many conferences on learning communities, coaching, student recruitment, retention and completion. Some of the training seminars she has taught include: Developing a Model of Assessment, Creating and Implementing a Program Review Process, Preparing for Accreditation Site Visits. Dr. Maxwell joined the DCN team in the Spring of 2016.
Degrees / Certifications Professional Affiliations Other Responsibilities
Northern Illinois University
Educational Doctorate (Ed.D)
  • Adult Continuing Education
  • Organization
    Board of Trustees

    Northern Illinois University
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Marketing Specialization
  • Executive Committee

    Loyola University/Mundelein College
    Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Business Management

  • City Colleges of Chicago/Wright College
    Associate of Arts (AA)
  • Business Administration
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