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Dr. Sharon Bator
Associate Professor

Contact Information
303-292-0015, Ext. 3654
Brief Biography:
Dr. Bator joined the DCN team in July, 2016. She has taught undergraduate and graduate level nursing courses as well as having clinical experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner, oncology nurse, pediatric nurse, school nurse, and home health nurse. She has held the administrative positions of head nurse of pediatric intensive care and interim director for a Family Nurse Practitioner Program in a Master’s Degree Program. She has co-authored 3 chapters in Catalano, J (2020). Nursing now! Today’s issues, tomorrow’s trends. Philadelphia: FA Davis. In June, 2017, Dr. Bator celebrated her 50th year of being a nurse.

Degrees / Certifications
Professional Affiliations
Other Responsibilities

Post-Master’s PNP
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Master of Science - Nursing (MSN)
  • Nursing
  • (Member)
    Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science - Nursing (BSN)
  • Nursing
  • (Member)
    (Member - Chi Alpha Chapter
    & Tau Pi Chapter)

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