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Newspapers of note, website news aggregators...

Chicago Tribune New York Times Los Angeles Times USA Today On-Line Newspapers
Denver Post Wall Street Journal Washington Post The Guardian (Worldwide Link List)

Magazine / E-zine sample (by catagory)

Alternative Press News Entertainment International Educational Other
The Economist
Entertainment Weekly Al Jazeera The Chronicle
of Higher Education
Wiki-Magazine Directory
Google Books
Daily KOS National Review The Onion Consumer Reports Green Living Newsweek People BBC EdDigest Planet
Mother Jones Time Rolling Stone IRIN News Edutopia Sports Illustrated
Politico & Slate U.S.News & World Report Variety Reuters National Geographic The Village Voice
truthdig The Week Westword (Denver) WHO Smithsonian Wired

Social Networks, Email Services & Television

Social Networks & ( Wikipedia List )
Academia Google+ Twitter
Facebook Linked-In Tumblr
E-Mail Services
Hotmail Gmail MSN
Yahoo Mail Comcast Other
Television Links & ( Wikipedia Reference )

Some "hard to catagorize"but interesting resources

CIA World Factbook
Country Summaries
Moon Calendar
Month / Phase
Box Office Mojo
Comprehensive Movie Stats
check rumors...
Time &
Time Tools
Library of Congress
Global Library Service
Live View / Location
Rotten Tomatoes
Television/Movie Reviews
Political Fact Checker
Universal Time
NIST World-clock
Federal Government
Astrology Online
Planet Positions
Screen Junkies
Honest Trailers, etc.
check rumors...
World Clock
International Cities...