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The tools you need for writing papers... *
If you are using Microsoft Word...
let the word-processor help you with APA
Template Paper - word.docx
Using Page Set-up, adjust margins to 1' all around
Template Paper w/abstract - word.docx
Change Font to 'Times New Roman' and set size to 12 pt
Set line spacing to 'double space'
Example Paper w/guidance - PDF
Using 'Page Header Tool' set to 'different first page'

Links / Services
Other Tools
APA 6th Edition v10
APA Citation Guide
from Purdue Univ. OWL
Citation Machine
Citation Generator
APA 6th Basic Formatting
APA Style Basics
Video Tutorial
Noodle Tools - APA
Citation Generator
APA Resources
APA Style Blog
from APA
Scholarly or Popular?
from Iowa State Univ.
MS Word Advanced Editing
for Word, 2003, 2007, and 2010
Paper Rater.com
free tool to check your work
Plagiarism Checker
from Univ. of Maryland
All Dr. Post APA Docs
Open Dropbox Account (no login req.)

NOTE: Template papers, recommended documents and links were provided (with permission) by Dr. Michele Post