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Welcome to the Denver Student Network
A website of the Denver College of Nursing

DCN is located in downtown Denver, about 1 block from Coors Field. The slides on this homepage reflect some of the activities going on at the school, on and off-campus. The first slides come from our Global Health Perspectives program (see link below) (GHP) provides the opportunity for clinical credit to be earned by students of DCN from all degree programs. GHP focuses on student development in global health settings in Denver and around the world. Other pictures here reflect campus life - fun activities and sporting event attendance w/groups off-campus.

--- Fall, 2020 ---
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Public Notice, CCNE
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New DCN Graduates, RN License App. via DORA: DORA Access
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DCN 'Snow Line': 720-833-3907
{ if the weather is bad, call to see if DCN is open, closed or delayed start }


Announcements: Week 8: Short week: Thanksgiving! Please social-distance! Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Connected! DCN Campus will be Closed on Thursday & Friday.
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